About Us

About Us

Borz Martial Arts Gym

Where Strength Meets Spirit

Founded with a passion for martial arts and a commitment to holistic development, Borz Martial Arts Gym stands as a symbol of empowerment and growth. Our journey began with a vision to create a space where individuals could not only learn self-defense techniques but also nurture their inner strength and confidence.

Looking for a top-notch martial arts gym in Berlin? Look no further than Borz Martial Arts Gym. We specialize in Muay Thai, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, Sambo, and Self Defense training. Our holistic approach focuses on developing both the body and mind, empowering our students to unlock their full potential.


At Borz, we have a team of highly skilled trainers with extensive experience. Borz’s team has undergone intensive training with American S.W.A.T. agents and attended seminars with renowned martial arts legends like Khabib Nurmagomedov. With our expert guidance, you will master your martial arts skills and excel in every aspect of your training.

Our Vision

Creating a community of disciplined and empowered individuals who lead with strength, respect, and continuous growth.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals through martial arts to unlock their full potential and cultivate mental and physical well-being.

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